Ongoing support

PRC (Programme de Recherche Collaborative Inernationale) RUSSIE 2019 - DRI-CNRS grant (2020-2022)
"New approaches for targeted cellular delivery of RNA molecules capable of modulating the mitochondrial
genome expression" (UMR 7156 GMGM (N. Entelis) - Inst. Fudamental Medicine, Novosibirsk)

2012-2028 - LabEx "MitoCross" (Initiative d'Avenir "Laboratoires d'excellence"), 6 équipes de 2 Instituts (GMGM, IBMP), "Mitochondria-nuclear crosstalk in function and dysfunction" (I. Tarassov); 4,5 M€/8 ans (2021-2028). From 2021, in the frame of the ITI UNISTRA "IMCBio". 

2020-2022 ANR JCJC (A. Smirnov) Project InsuRAF : "The utraconserved intersubunit ribosome assembly factor", 228 k€